fredag 20 juli 2012

Nike SB Dunk SB Pushead Premium

BAM! Tomorrow we will be releasing the Nike Sb Dunk Pushead Premium. 12:00 sharp at the Cali OG store on Brunnsgatan 9. We only got 12 pairs of these, so, first-come, first-served.
If you cant visit us, please drop us an email to; with header "PUSHEAD". Limited release. Max 1 pair per customer
Here´s some info about the shoe:

Artist Pushead is know for the early day graphic and OG logo creators for band as Misfits and Metallica, aswell as them legendary gore designs for ZORLAC skateboards back in the days.. The shoe is made up of premium leather and black denim fabric that gotten the ol skool punk rework of chlorine treatment.

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