onsdag 30 maj 2012

Cali OG Store x Tags & Throws

Come to Cali OG store and check out the photo exhibition together with the new Swedish blog TagsAndThrows. Running in the store 29/5-19/6. 

"In the early 1970s, a new phenomenon popped up on the streets of Philadelphia and NYC. Lettering; scratched, scrawled, painted or marked, in any manner on public property were spotted around the cities. The youth had discovered a new way to get fame – by bombing the city.
Referred to as bombing, this sub culture uses marker pens, spraycans,roller paint and other fluid colors, as tools to get your name on any type ofsurface that your city may offer. A great bomber is one who is dedicated to
hitting up the city, not only as a daily chore, but also with style.
Tags & Throws focus on capturing the bombing scene of the world today.
One artist at a time. "

fredag 25 maj 2012

Store weekend update Cali OG

The store is fully packed with new stuff from Odd Future, BBC, Staple Design and much more. We are ready for payday are you? Come down to our store and pick up the good stuff for the weekend. Also today Friday the 25th we will have a special apperence from The Dam Funk crew in the afternoon!


torsdag 17 maj 2012

Outfit of the Week

At last summer is coming to Sweden. This weeks outfit is based on that classic summer time street wear look. A nice shirt, camo shorts, a snap back and some Vans. More Details after the pictures.

Cap: aNYthing, Destroy all Rats snapback, €39 (399 sek)
Shirt: Carhartt Kruger Shirt €75 (749 Sek)
Shorts: Huf Fulton Shorts, €79 (799 Sek)
Shoes: Vans Era 59, €79 (799 Sek)
Assorted instore boards: Plan B €39 (399 Sek)

torsdag 10 maj 2012

A Selection of New Snapbacks in store!

We just got shipments from the three premium companys in the snapback game. Here is a selection of what we have in store from New era, Mitchell & Ness and Starter! You will find university teams, flips on classic team colors and a dedication to the birth of hip hop.
Mitchel & Ness University team snapbacks! at €29 (299 Sek)
Georgetown Hoyas!
Syracuse University!
Miami University!
Boston College!
University of North Carolina!
New Era Snapitback series snapbacka at €39 (399 Sek)

Starter Sedgwick & Cedar series! at €35 (349 Sek). Sedgwick & Cedar is the place in New York City where the first hiphop jams took place in 1973 and is considerd the birth place of hiphop!