fredag 28 december 2012

BLVCK SCVLE Winter Collection now instore!

BLVCK SCVLE just blessed us with their winter collection! We got alot of new Tees, Caps nand Beanies for you to grab. These will be avalible ONLINE after New Years. But if you want them early. We already have the at the Cali OG store at brunnsgatan! Tees, Beanies and Caps €39 (399 sek) each!

BLVCK SCVLE Winter Specials Lookie by CALIROOTS

Vinter delivery from BLVCK SCVLE to the store this week. We made a little look book for you to get into the vibe.

 Go here for BLVCK SCVLE online here.

torsdag 27 december 2012

Cali OG Store X-MAS SALE

Time for our X-MAS SALE at Cali OG Store

 30 - 50 % on fall/winter collecions.
 Open today and friday 11.00-19-00 and Saturday 12.00-17.00!


 and your Store Pick Ups are ready!

fredag 21 december 2012

This weeks update at Cali OG!

This week we got news from Abandon shipment, Dope and more. Last chance to get your xmas shopping done. We are open both saturday and sunday. Come and pay us a visit!

onsdag 19 december 2012

Acapulco Gold Holiday look book!

New Yorks Acapulco Gold just dropped a nice look book for their holiday collection! We got it instore now check out the looks down under and come and cope INSTORE or ONLINE!

fredag 14 december 2012

Cali OG weekly update!

This week we got news from the like of Diamond (The Cali OG limited release of the nortern lights collection)and more. We also pimped our windows to match upcoming X-Mas. Come down to the store and do your christmas shopping. You will fins our opening ours for the holidays further down!

torsdag 13 december 2012


You ready for this?

We got this capsule collection offered from our Swedish Distributor, exclusivly for Sweden! The graphic is based on the "Aurora Borealis" phenomena thats visible up north during winter.

 Only 144 pcs made in each color.

 Going live Friday...00.01 online and 11.00 instore... Diamond Supply Co.

Cali OG Gift Guide for X-Mas 2012

This years Cali OG gift guide for X-MAS picks represent a mix of classic street wear the Cali OG way. A blend of brands and styles and has somthing for all. Hope this give you some inspiration for you holiday shopping. A big christmas cheer from all us over at the Cali OG store!

From the top:
Timberland Af 6 In Premium Black € 169 (1699 SEK)
New Era Authentic Yankees Cap € 39 (399 SEK)
Diamond Supply Co. School Life Backpack € 89 (899 SEK)
Obey Keith Haring Fine Art Tee € 29 (299 SEK)
HUF Plantlife Scarf € 39.9 (399 SEK
Benny Gold Arygle Socks € 10 (99 SEK)
Benny Gold Captain scout Belt € 29 (299 SEK)
The Hundreds Team Beanie € 29 (299 SEK)
UrbanEars Plattan € 79 (799 SEK)
Carhartt Chore Coat € 129 (1299 SEK)
Staple Grays Buttondown Shirt € 69 (699 SEK)

Mishka Vision Quest Pom Beanie € 39 (399 SEK)
aNYthing Never Not Working Cap € 39 (399 SEK)
Carhartt Klondike Pant € 119 (1199 SEK)
Vans Syndicate Old Skool Pro € 110 (999 SEK)
Rastaclat Bracelet € 15 (149 SEK)
The Hundreds Trade Snapback € 35 (349 SEK)
Oakley Frogskins Polished € 99 (999 SEK)
Diamond Supply Co. iPhone 4 Snap-on Case € 59 (499 SEK)
Def Jam Recordings € 40 (349 SEK)
Stussy Hood Flc Camon N4 € 79 (799 SEK)
10Deep Nightwork Camo Tee € 49 (499 SEK)