fredag 30 november 2012

This Weeks Cali OG Update!

For this weeks update we got some nice news from Huf, 10 Deep and New Era! Check the store this weekend. We also stock alot of warm jackets, perfect now when the snow has hit Stockholm!

fredag 23 november 2012

Cali OG Black Friday Update!

News instore for Black friday. The Cut, Books, Mishka and more. Come down and visit us!

onsdag 21 november 2012

The Cut finaly here!

Every rappers favourite brand now at last in store. We got the classic Comme des fuckdown print on evey thing from socks to hoodies. Russ from SSUR made this print but ASAP and his fellow artist friends made it a classic! Now INSTORE and ONLINE!
ASAP and his Friends!
Brandy know whats up!

Reakwon the chef comme as f..k as always!

All these products and more go to the WEB STORE or the Cali OG store in Stockholm!

fredag 16 november 2012

Vans Syndicate Cab Lite!

For the first time ever Vans will release their new model Cab lite. This in conjuction with the 20 year anniverssary of the iconic Vans Half Cab! This is a remix of that very shoe but updated for 2012 to meet the demand of the modern skater. Vans made this one lighter and more skate friendly. Vans Half Cab is the pro model of skater Steve Caballero and is the most sold skate pro modell of all time. We think this new Cab Lite will be as popular in the future! These are a Vans Syndicate release and very limited. €99 (999 Sek) buy it online HERE!

Cali OG Store Weekly Update!

This week we got news from amongst Acapulco Gold, The Hundreds and more! Check out he pictures and visit the store this weekend!

tisdag 13 november 2012

Acapulco Gold headwear now instore!

We just got a supre nice delivery from NYCs finest Acopulco Gold. The former Supreme designer team has some awsome head wear straight on point for fall! We got it all instore together with some slamming tops such as tees and sweats, right now instore!

All snapbacks €35 (349 Sek)

Camp hats all €35 (349 Sek)

Beanies €39 (399 Sek)