fredag 28 februari 2014

New Black Spring 14

New Black Spring 14 release By now it's become a tradition that the New Black Pre-release is held exclusively at Caliroots and we won't dissapoint you this time either.

Make sure to check out the new look book already!

 Release info:
Monday the 3rd 21.00 CET- Exclusive online pre-release at
Tuesday the 4th 11.00 – Instore release at Brunnsgatan 
Wednesday – General release

torsdag 27 februari 2014

Caliroots X Kingsize galan Pre Party!

Yesterday we threw a party to celebrate that Kingsize have its annual hip hop gala tonite. Here are some pictures from this bash. We also dropped four new t-shirts that our boy Ronnie at stuck tattoo designed. Thanx to everyone that came and our sponsors Heniken, Fishermans friend, Alovera and Kingsize!

fredag 21 februari 2014

Cali OG Weekly Update!

Major updates this week, the store has been blessed with news from Stussym The HUndreds Dickies and more. Come down for a closer look!

lördag 15 februari 2014

"Remember the titans" by Ronny Hill at Cali OG

At Valentines day we had the exhibition of Ronny Hill / Stuck Tattoo  "Remember the titans" at Cali OG Store. Celebrating dead heroes of rap music by digital paintings from his iPad this is the result - 8 legends on the wall. If you did't had the chans to come to the store yesterday thay will stay on our wall two more weeks. If you like to buy one they are made in 3 copys and are 500 Sek.

Thanks to DJ Grass & DJ Gergeous, Kingsize Magazine & Heiniken, staff, and everyone that come to the store last night to support!

And most of all Ronny Hill and Stuck Tattoo Crew!