måndag 31 maj 2010

Stockholm Swap Meet

Yes, the 4:th Swap Meet in Stocholm went down at legendary concert hall Nalen this time.
A bigger and beautifull location, no rain,  good music and over 800 visitors made it a big success.
Thanks to everybody that come by, both buyer and sellers(and swappers) that came by and made this day!
Many have asked us to step it up and do another one for fall.. its in the plans!

Special thanks to: Adidas, WeSC, Stussy, The Hundreds, Happy Socks, Monkey Bizz, Vitamin Well and Nalen

fredag 28 maj 2010

The Hundreds Summer shoes instore!

Los Angeles finest street wear brand just sent us three new fresh shoes for the summer! Three different models in three different materials, pick your favourite a the Cali OG store or online here!

The Valenzuela low in buttery leather and optical white color! €79 (799 Sek)

The Johnsson midtop in nice suede and turqiouse color €89 (899 sek)

The Johnson low top in stylish canvas and blue/grey color €79 (799sek)

onsdag 26 maj 2010

SSUR is back in town!

The legendary Russ Karabin and his brand SSUR is back with a shipment of summer t-shirts. Russ started SSUR (Russ backwards) in New York, early 90s, when he also did most graphics for legendary new york brand Supreme. Now over 15 years later he is still going strong and this delivery is no different. €39 (399 sek) instore and online now!

Russian tatoo artwork!

That New York attitude in an old school way!

The capitol of the world, ask Jay-Z

Calculator VS Sting

From Brooklyn better known as Crooklyn!

Sittin on the bus stop suckin on a lolipop!

Purple Haze!

Be Reisenable!

Nice Kombo och Hotell Reisen ställer till med fest varannan fredag hela sommaren (med undantag 25e juni då det är midsommarstängt).
Denna fredag med inga mindre än Mash-Up International som gäster!
Bjudöl till tidiga gäster och löningshelg = Nice Kombo
Syns på fredag!

Fri Entré
20 Års Åldersgräns
Skeppsbron 12
Gamla Stan

måndag 24 maj 2010

Manifest is back with a nice bunch of tees for the summer!

T-shirt brand Manifest is back with a bunch of hip hop inspired t-shirts for the summer. We got them all in store up for grabs at just €29 (299 Sek) a pop. You will find Wu-tang, a tribe called quest, Nas and more in the mix. Do not sleep on these. Instore now, online in a minute!

Ghost busters VS Ghost face killa!

Dodgers VS Fu-schnickens!

Illest album ever made? Nas!

Tribe Called Quest style!

The classic DARE logo with a wu-tang twist!

lördag 22 maj 2010

Stockholm Day & Night Releaseparty!

This wednesday we held the releaseparty for the Levis X Cali X Shitxfaced photoshoot that we did with photographer Fredrik Skogkvist.
It was one hell of a party! Loads of people & loads of beer, solid good times!
According to our calculations people drank 2,5 beers a minute during the evening.. Damn!
After the storehappening we went down to O-baren for some more drinks and music by Dj-Taro.
Special thanks to Fredrik Skogkvist, Levis, O-baren & Shitxfaced.

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming fanzine/survival guide droppin' sooner than you know...