onsdag 30 september 2009

Fall/ Winter Jackets at Cali OG!

We took Boss Hog Per out to the park to shoot som fall/winter jackets.
As most people have noticed the weather has started to get cold here in Sweden so it is time to get your warm gear on. Here is a selection of winter jackets we got @ the OG Cali store!

and: Double-Click on pics for Full View!

Carhartt Anchorage Parka 1859 Sek (179€)
Undefeted Athletics Jacket 1799 Sek (179€)
The Hundreds Bunyan Jacket 1499 Sek (149€)
Huf Hooded Moutain Coat (in store) 2299 Sek (225€)
Edwin Left Field Jacket 2499 Sek (249€)

tisdag 29 september 2009

Mishka T-shirts and Beanies!

New Delivery from the russians over in Brooklyn Mishka! We got 3 new very good prints for you and two pom pom beanies. Everything at 399 Sek a pop, thats 39 euro each for you none swedes. It is all in store now and will soon hit the web. 

Mishka means bear!

There is no such thing as bad luck and there is no such thing as a sober irish man on a saturday evening!

Roll the dice you might get lucky!

For Russia...

... and Ireland!

fredag 25 september 2009

Levis Redtab in the OG store!

A bunch of new jeans from our favorite denim supplyer just came through the door. If you are from sweden you most likely get paid today so it is a perfect day to pick up a nice pair of jeans for the fall come by and chem them out. 
501 1901 special edition 999 sek (99€)

505 1967 Special Edition 1299 sek (129€)

501 Stumblin O 999 Sek (99€)

501 Handson 999 Sek (99€)

504 Black is back collection 899 Sek (89€)

torsdag 24 september 2009

Kom och fira in vår nya Carhartt Shop in Shop!

Lördag 26/9
Cali, Brunnsgatan 9

Carhartt Shop in Shop premiär!
Det blir GoodieBags med fina bjudisar till Kunder.Samt Korvgrillning.
Och en rejäl Carhartt avdelning med Höstens fina sortiment av Jackor, Jeans, Hoods, Skjortor mm

Carhartts svenska agent kommer att vara på plats för att berätta om Carhartts Heritage och allt som är bäst med Carhartt!

ENG; Carhartt day at the Cali OG store in Stockholm coming up this Saturday.

tisdag 22 september 2009

Klubb O firar ett år på Berns Salonger!

Miss inte när stockholms bästa hiphop klubb firar 1 år nere i berns källare 2:35:1. Gräddan av stockholms hiphop djs kommer att gästa Klubb o denna onsdag (Tony Zoulias, Umyo, Alowething, Eye´n, Naam, Taro, B-Line och Yes Soundsystem), live på scene står också Mohammed Ali. Vi på Cali lovar goodiebags för tidiga gäster och skriker du Cali i dörren innan 24.00 så kommer du in gratis.  

New Levis Shirts Stock Up in the OG store!

No questions asked Levis Strauss & CO is the world most famous and best denim maker in the world, and have been so since before your granpa was born! Infact Levis is so famous that people i work with even name their son after the company founders name. They do not only make Jeans tough, they have some good shirts to! we just got a shirt delivery with many different styles and materials. Check it all out underneath! If you feel like spending your dineros online you can also go to the online store here! 

L/S Shirt 1 pocket 599 Sek (59€)

L/S Shirt 2 pocket Flanell 799 Sek (79€)

Classic Shirt 499 Sek (49€)

L/S Shirt Heavy Flannel 999 Sek (99€)

Insulated like a jacket!
New Sawtooth Shirt 699 Sek (69€)

Premium Sawtooth Stich Up Shirt 1099 Sek (109€) 

Alot of nice details!