onsdag 27 juni 2012

The hundreds X Methamphibian Meth Hoya LE drop!

The Hundreds and sneaker customizer/ Artist Methamphibian has teamed up for a very limited shoe release! The runner inspired Hoya vas only made in 100 pairs and will only drop in a very few selected stores. Caliroots are one of these stores and the release time is set to 21:00 swedish time tonight. Get them before they are gone. The clock is ticking at Caliroots.com HERE! The price is set to €99 (999 Sek).

torsdag 21 juni 2012

Caliroots & Myggan presents Stockholm by paint Original art by Anders Malmberg

Last night was the opening night of the exhibiton Stockholm by paint. Have a look at from the party here.  Let's give the artist his thoghts about the project:

" My thought with this exhibition was to serenade and portrait a few artists/people in Stockholm. Some of them are known to the masses, others take less space but need to be aknowledged. They have one thing in common they all move outside of the frame created by media. They take less space but in the long run the have bigger influence on the social climate. I’m happy you took your time to read and showed interrest :) All six originals are for sale and if sold 30 % goes to Stockholm Stadsmission. If interrested contact the people in the store."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bless up yahself /Anders Malmberg

Adiam Dymott
Singer formerly from Uppsala north of Stockholm now living in Södermalm. a very talented singer with a wholelot of heart in her expression.She made a strong impression on me when I saw her live at P3 guld 2009. Released her debut Adiam Dymott the same year.One characteristic for Adiam is her nonfear for crossing genres and styles.

 Aaron Phiri
MC born and raised on planet Funk in a galaxy far away, has blessed us with his presence since way back.Part of the group Hearin Aid and teacher at Fryshusets musicschool. A big influence and rolemodel for his a students and as an artist. Superemcee - also really hard to describe with words. An alien ability to improvise and bend rhythms.

Stockholm based MC whos been on the scene for a couple of years. Released his debut album Nääk who? 2009, One characteristic for Nääk is his different way of flowing and his choice of beats with fat baselines. Born and raised in Rinkeby but have spent his adult years in the southern parts of Stockholm. A dope mc and a character beyond - always kool

Ingmari Pagenkemper
Eventprofile beyond - Born and raised in Ibbenbüren Germany but have lived in Stockholm for a long time. If it wasnt for Ingmari Lydmar Hotel, Berns and now Hamburger Börs wouldnt vibe the way it does.Responsible for bringin artists from USA and Europe that ususally dont get booked at first. Has a huge passion for black music, one of her favourite bookings so far is the recent consert with Anthony Hamilton. The list of artists and events thats put togeteher is endless. Has a fingertip execution skill when it comes to details.

Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire
Producer and DJ  born and raised in Nynäsham south of Stockholm.With 25 years in the making there isnt much this man has to accomplish. On the fanlist we have DJ Jazzy Jeff Erykah Badu the list goes on.The lack of exposure her in Sweden is almost rude, but gets alot of airplay abroad New Zeeland, Polen and USA. Collaborations with ADL,Linn,Baby Baam,Anthony Mills,Anthony David just to name a few.It has to be 2+ twelve inches several albums it never ends. Has an extreme feel for grooves and building soundscapes.

Kristin Amparo
Singer and composer born and raised in Lidingö north of Stockholm. This is a big talent really hard to describe in words. With a powerful voice and feeling for harmonies theres not many singers floating on here level. Been working fulltime on her craft since 2006, done collaborations with a bunch of Swedish artists such Mohammed Ali, Mofeta and Jerre. This is passion personified.

Exhibition will run until 23/7 so make sure to come to Cali OG store, Brunnsgatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden to check it out.


Thanks to: TT and Jim Beam

Summer Sale is on!

This time of the year we have our Summer Sale online and in the store! Hit the link here or come to the store for a good deal! 

Mobb Deep X Milkrate x Aaron Lacrate

Check out the new line with Mobb Deep made together with Milkcrate by Aaron Lacrate. Also the "ill" print are back and a forever classic.

The Milkcrate line here.


tisdag 12 juni 2012

Huf Summer Look Book!

OG Pro Skater Keith Hufnagels brand Huf has always been a favourite of ours. Now thay have put together a nice look book for their summer styles. We have Huf instore and online HERE!

söndag 10 juni 2012

Dream Team Supporter Tees!

This weekend the UEFA EURO 2012 Championship started at last. We are so hyped over this, and so is our friends at Dream Team. They Made sic awsome t-shirts that you can wear when cheering on your favourite team. The Swedish version was made exlusive to Caliroots an a limited quantity. Get them now for a mere €29 (299 Sek) instore or online HERE!