torsdag 26 juli 2012

New Black x Super Sundays – The Sundae Tee

Stockholm-based nightclub Super Sundays and streetwear brand New Black have both been around for a little longer than a year. Both instantly successful from the get-go, you've must been sleeping to have missed any of the two. Today the two will drop a collaboration t-shirt in a very limited edition available online here and instore from 12.00 CET!

New Black Super Sundaes Tee 29€ (299Sek)

Make sure to check out Super Sundays at Cafe' Opera next time you are in Stockholom. This is next time with the release party of the tee..

Photo: Richard Ortega
Location: Stockholms Glasshus
Models: Inna, Kathy, Anna, Laila, Wasima & Hind
Thanks to: Stockholms Glasshus, Emely, Marcus, Wasima, Myggan & Tony

Along with the t-shirt Super Sundays also drop's an exclusive mixtape by Tony Zoulias, Taro and Viet-Naam availbale on soundcloud here.

fredag 20 juli 2012

Nike SB Dunk SB Pushead Premium

BAM! Tomorrow we will be releasing the Nike Sb Dunk Pushead Premium. 12:00 sharp at the Cali OG store on Brunnsgatan 9. We only got 12 pairs of these, so, first-come, first-served.
If you cant visit us, please drop us an email to; with header "PUSHEAD". Limited release. Max 1 pair per customer
Here´s some info about the shoe:

Artist Pushead is know for the early day graphic and OG logo creators for band as Misfits and Metallica, aswell as them legendary gore designs for ZORLAC skateboards back in the days.. The shoe is made up of premium leather and black denim fabric that gotten the ol skool punk rework of chlorine treatment.

söndag 15 juli 2012

The Hundreds FW12 LookBook

Caliroots & The Hundreds is pleased to announce the release of the The Hundreds Fall 2012 collection lookbook, photographed by Bobby Hundreds, with the line set to release on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at The Hundreds flagship locations and authorized retailers worldwide.

 “Apocalypse now. As the end of days approaches, The Hundreds explores the idea of a catastrophic grand finale that absorbs the entire Fall 2012 collection of apparel, shoes and accessories. Leading up to the final blowout, the colors dim, the raw crisp edges are washed and ground down to a heavily distressed presentation. The hues are fading to black, as the modern interpretation of Streetwear is deconstructed and takes a final bow into oblivion. And again, we experiment with all-over patterns, a call back to obvious Streetwear stylings, but expressed through camouflages and Native American prints. The curtain call draws up connotations of a primal breakdown, a military order and a digital unraveling, and that’s what you’ll find across both of our camo packages, Dip-Dye range and Mesa line.  It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

- Bobby Hundreds

torsdag 12 juli 2012


We just got some nice stuff from Odd Future to the store. Three decks in 7,75 and 8,375 and two New Era caps. You guys better get a move on to the store because these items will sell out before you can say O.F.W.G.K.T.A. Instore now at Cali OG Brunnsgatan 9, online as soon as posible!
Odd Future OFWGKTA Deck 7,75 799:- sek / €79
Odd Future Donut Deck 8,375 799:- sek / €79
Odd Future OFWGKTA Deck 7,75 799:- sek / €79

Odd Future High Hat 399:- sek/ €39

Odd Future High Hat 399:- sek / €39

torsdag 5 juli 2012

Levis X Nike SB Collection!

This saturday at 12.00 we will drop the very sought after Levis and Nike SB collection instore. The shoe chosen for this project is San Fransisco native Omar Salazars Nike SB pro model. The sneaker has a clean all black suede finish with Levis details such as the famous arch logo. This is a very limited quickstrike release and will only be available instore at Cali OG. For all questions about this drop mail and check our website here!

Togheter with the shoes Levis will release the perfect skate jean. The model chossen is the iconic 511 for that slim look. But this 511 is upgraded in many ways. Levis and Nike has co-developed a new denim fabric. The new fabric feauters Nike Dri-Fit, Advanced stretch and Levis water less finish. Making this the perfect skate jean. A trucker denim jacket with the same feauters will also be released.

The shoes drop saturday at 12.00 do not be late!

tisdag 3 juli 2012

Maker Music interviews brand owner/Skater Keith HUFnagel

Maker Music has done a nice interview with skateboard OG and brand founder of HUF Keith Hufnagel. HUF is one of Cali OGs favourite brands, so take a look at this video to get som inside information straight from its founder. You can find HUF products instore our at our webshop HERE!