onsdag 26 september 2012

Näääk release party at Cali OG

Last night we had a pre litening party for our friend Näääks new album on Svenska inspelningar that drops today. It was a great night and a lot of friends showed up for support.

Special thanks to: Näääk, Nimo, Svenska Inspelingar, Kingsize Magazine and Jim Beam.

Get the album and official Näääk collection here

The new video from Nimo looking good!!

Mange Schmidt and Dalle

The new Näääk merch only at www.caliroots.com

Charlie and Million Stylez

Thomas RMH, make sure to follow him here

Näääk the man of the night

Rapper Ted follow him on Kingsize mag

Kimbo Nice & Tjocke Jimmy no beer no drinks

torsdag 20 september 2012

Selection of Fall Jackets Cali OG!

The store is fully loaded with fall jackets for the colder months ahead! This is a selection of jacket we have in store now. But there is a lot more instore and ONLINE to choose from!

 Carhart Chore Coat €129 (1299 Sek)
 The North Face Nuptse Jacket €219 (2199 Sek)
 Carhartt Hickman Coat €199 (1999 Sek)
 The North Face Mc Murdo Parka €349 (3499 Sek)
 Wemoto Club Jacket €219 (2199 Sek)
 Carhartt Broom Jacket €259 (2599 Sek)
 Penfield Rockwool Vest €229 (2299 Sek)
 Penfield Outback Vest €149 (1499 Sek)
 Penfield Stapelton Jacket €299 (2999 Sek)
 Penfield Kasson Jacket €179 (1799 Sek)
 Penfield Paxton Jacket €199 (1999 Sek)
 Wemoto Panda Jacket €129 (1299 Sek)
 WemotoDamon Jacket €129 (1299 Sek)
 Wemoto Gibson Jacket €249 (2499 Sek)
 The North Face Evolution Parka €159 (1599 Sek)
The North Face Katavi Jacket €249 (2499 Sek)

torsdag 13 september 2012

Cali OG Weekend update

Fall is coming! The store is now stacking up with warmer gear. Vest´s, jacket´s, beanie´s, but also the regular stuff like cap´s, shoe´s, tee´s and all the gear you need! Swing by the store this weekend and get fresh!
The store is getting packet with stuff from Wemoto, The North Face, Stüssy, Mishka, The Hundreds etc.
Caps for days.
Süssy and a spanking new brand called Your Label.. FRESH!
Penfield and Stüssy gearing up for the fall.
New caps from Skulls Barcelona/Brooklyn.
The Hundreds, Diamond, Rothco, Carhartt, Staple and the list goes on..

For all of you that are starting to get cold, Beanie´s from Diamond, Wemoto, Penfield and New Era.

And of course alot of shoes from Vans, Nike SB and Adidas Skateboarding!
Come by the store this weekend at Brunnsgatan 9 in Stockholm.

Store hours:
Weekdays: 11:00-18:30
Saturdays: 12:00-17:00

And always open online: www.caliroots.com