fredag 28 augusti 2009

Cali OG Weekend update

The weekend is upon us and we got some fresh shipments from Fucking Awesome, The Hundreds, Vans, Mishka and Carhartt!
Come by us and dress up for one of the last summerweekends this year!
Brunnsgatan 9 is the place to be.
Open hours this saturday:

MAJOR LAZER Soundsystem feat. DIPLO

Nästa Onsdag kommer Major Lazer till Stockholm!
Vi säljer biljetter i Cali butiken.
150 spänn.
Slå på din Spotify om du inte redan vet vad det handlar om.
Diplo Maaaan!!
Och giant "LAZER"
Efterfest på Klubb O på Berns.

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

First Fall Shipment from The Hundreds instore!

We just got the first Fall shipment from The Hundreds to the Cali OG shop. We are talking a hugh load of caps, t-shirts, shirts, sweats and jackets. Nice gear this fall from L.As finest come to the store and check it out! Or hit the online store up here!

All t-shirts 349 Sek (34 euro)

Kit Zip Hood 1099 Sek (108 Euro)
Hobart Zip Hood 999 Sek (98 Euro)
Cult Zip Hood 999 Sek (98 Euro)
Tre Crewneck 899 Sek (88 Euro)
Prep Hood 899 Sek (88 Euro)
The Hood 999 Sek (98 Euro)
Dodge Jacket 1599 Sek ( 157 Euro)
Bunyan Jacket 1499 Sek (147 Euro)

Addy Flannel Shirt 899 Sek (88 Euro)
Westonian Shirt 799 Sek (78 euro)

Thuston Shirt 799 Sek (78 Euro)

New Eras 499 Sek (49 euro)

Snap Backs 349 Sek (34 euro)

Mishka Dirty Shame

And on Monday everyone´s invited to Vegas. Cali Crew are aiming for the titel.

onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Vans Sk8-Hi Parra

Very popular dutch artist/designer Parra teamed up with Vans. This is the Sk-8 hi, and more from him will come this sesson.

Vans Sk8-Hi (Parra) 79 € (799:-)