torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Cali Exslusive SSUR drop for Halloween!

In time for Halloween Ssur made their special platano print in new colors just for us. These tees are exlusivly made for us and can not be found anywhere in the world. 72 pieces where made of each. Thank you russ and ssur. And a happy halloween to yall! Instore now and online here! 349 Sek is the price or 35€ if you are not swede.

Happy Halloween Mother Suckers!

onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Six Pack France tshirts!

Graphix from our Swedish Boy Finsta, a designer who has his roots in the grafitti movment. A member of the famous swedish graffiti crew TSM. He also designed all art for The Oysters to go resturant run by Pontus just a couple of doors down from the OG Cali store!
Design By American Mark Owens owner and top dog of the famous Life in Mind Design Studio. This one was made in french colors for six pack france!
Designed by Dave Decat from Belgium! This 38 Year old has done design for most part of his long life, clients consists of companys like Carhartt and MTV!

World Famous Japanese designer Hajime Sorayama is most famous for his iconic robot pinup girls he started to draw in the 70s. I bet none of you have missed these since they have been used in many different ways, from ads to record sleeves thorgh the years! He also designed the famous Aibo robotic dog for Sony that you can find at the Museum of modern art in New York.  

Designed by no doubt the most famous underground comic writer of all time Robert Crumb! Born in 1943 in Philly, USA. Crumb is maybe best known for his Character Fritz The Cat who later became a animated movie, but he has done much more work than that under the decades as a comic writer! He is by many considerd the father of underground independent comics! Robert Crumb now lives in France.

Designed By Todd James AKA Reas from the USA. Todd started his career bombing the subway system in New York but has as a grownup become one of the most respected graphic designers in the US. He also is one of the most known cats in the street art game. 

måndag 26 oktober 2009

Beautiful Decay !

Northern Virginia based Beautiful Decay was founded by Amir Fallah back in the mid 90s as a black and white zine about art and grafitti! Now days the ´zine had evolved into a full out book of 164 pages released 3 times a year. Beautiful Decay also has a off spring t-shirt line that they do with friends and family in the art game! We just recives 5 new prints and the latest issue of Beatiful Decay book. For more info in Beatiful Decay go here!

By The artist team Sentimental Soy Cheese!

All Tees 299 Sek (29€) instore or Online!
Masters of Disater design!
Designed by Brooklyn Girl Jessica Hische. The long time working designer who done work for clients such as American Express and The New York Times!
Designed by Pablo Alfieri the native born Argentinan based in Buenos Aires!
Designed by Barcelona raised Alex Trochut, an artist that has a motto that goes more is more and i shines thrue in his art!
The Beautiful Decay Book. Every Cover is hand drawn by Kyle Thomas and each one is diffrent from the other! Book cost 150 sek (15€)!

fredag 23 oktober 2009

The Hundreds x Näääk

Yesterday Nääk celebrated his album release Näääk Vem. We where in the house, mood was good and the album is the bomb. We have the album in store for 129 Sek (12€) or ifyou buy The Hundreds goods for over a 1000 we throw it in for free! Cats not living in stockholm get it online here!
Thanx SFD and Rap Superstar Roine aka Sexfemman for the pictures!

Peldawg på Reisen

På lördag smäller det!
Premiären för Payday Mayday på Hotell Reisen med Peldawg och gäst Alex Thunder.

Ni kommer kunna höra stora delar av Maskinen's kommande album "Boys II Men" som släpps den 4e november och utöver det så lovar vi massa annat godis!

Mer än så behöver ni inte veta förutom att vi utlovar fräs/pepp/röj/mayhem!

Payday Mayday
Peldawg & Alex Thunder
Hotell Reisen
24e oktober 21-02
Fri entré

Small Stussy delivery.

The Caliroots OG store just got some nice jackets and a t-shirt and beanie from the soon to be 30 Year jubilee Stussy! In store now or online here! 

Stussy Sport Jacket. Varsity Baseball Jacket split style 2 in 1! Paded Nylon for fall! 1599 Sek (149€)
Stussy Plaid Jacket in teflon and thermolite! Olive plais with classic stussy font, nice and warm for fall 1799 Sek (175€)
Stussy Reversible Puff jacket 80% down, 20% feather insulated, reversible. Black on Black stussy logo camo! 2299 Sek (219€)
Boombox tee 399 Sek (35€)
Stussy Stars and Stripes Beanie 399 Sek (35€) for them cold winter nights!

onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Daves Quality Meat straight from New York.

Legendary New Yorks Skater Dave Ortiz brand DQM is back at Caliroots. A nice shipment of t-shirts, caps, shirts and beanies just flew in from New York City and as always Dave delivers! Get this before it is gone at the stoe or online! 

Two-lane Blacktop the classic road movie from 1971 staring James Taylor Drag racing across the USA!
A famous Photo from Wayside USA and yes the signs realy say that!
DQM logo in Dilletente font!

Inspired by Whisky Barrels used to age bourbon in. We like Jack n Coke and so does Dave!

Break all Rules and Laws you can. Be an outlaw like Billy the kid!
Nice Thick high quality Flannel Shirts 1099 Sek (109€)

New Eras all made in Duck Canvas the extremely durabel material that will last forever. Made famous by Carhartt in their classic Pants and Jackets. Price 599 sek (59€)

Black Classic DQM logo Snapback 399 Sek (39€) (We have an orange and one in Duck Hunter Camo instore only come down and have a look)
Beanies 399 sek (39€)