fredag 16 maj 2014

Cali OG Weekly Update!

This week we got a lot of updates for the store! Street Hippies, Mishka, Acapulco Gold and more. Swing buy and thake a look!

fredag 9 maj 2014

Cali OG weekend update!

This week we got news from such brands as Fuct and Street Hippes i store! Also to celebrate our newly re-done store we will give everybody 30 % off on all products. Only in store and only this weekend! Come and say hi!

Photo Cred: Laris

torsdag 8 maj 2014

Street Hippies Spring release

Swedish Street Hippies are now avaleble online and instore. Check out the lookbook here and the line online here:

We also have a great back yard daytime party this Saturday between 12.00-17.00 with food&drinks music and dance. Check out the event here.

fredag 2 maj 2014

Cali OG weekly update!

Alot of news in store this week. Peep the new stuff from the likes of Quarter Snacks and NIke SB! Come down thiss weekend and check them out live!