måndag 28 februari 2011

The Hundreds X Näääk X Caliroots Look Book and Release Party picks!

Here is our new awsome The Hundreds look book feauturing swedish rap star Näääk! Toghether with the relase of the look book, we held a party with our friends at O-Baren. Here are som more pictures from that release. If you want to have the look book in picture format go here!

Bjarni, Erik by Erik and Skåne!

Boys will be boys!

The infamous Dolken!

Vanessa falk and friend holding it down!
Dj Taro on the wheels!
Näääk watching over the party people!
A Lowe Thing and them dudes again!
What The Fuck

söndag 27 februari 2011

WildCookie Release at OBaren

It´s time for our friends Anthony Mills and Freddie Cruger to realese there lates project WildCookie. Mr Mills is not only our help coach in American Made tournament he also do art, food and music in a big way. WildCookie is perfect mix of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Break Beats.

The realese party are tonight at OBaren and we also got the special limited t-shirt instore. Get it before tonight or later this week.

The WildCookie Ltd t-shirt 299 Sek instore only.

fredag 25 februari 2011

Nice Kombo x UMYO x Dj Internet at Reisen

Tommorow there will be a banging night with our friends Nice Kombo at Hotel Reisen. With them this time they have UMYO + DJ INTERNET as support and all toghter this will be a night to remember! One part of Nice Kombo also make nice spotify playlists for us. To here Pewldogs playslists go HERE!

This week Cali OG Store Update Pictures!

This weeks store update comes strong with nice new Carhartt pieces, Billionaire boys club, The hundreds and much more. Come down to the store for that pay day weekend!

New Casio G-Shocks instore!

First shipment this year from Casio just arrived! We got some splendid g-shocks this time around! Some regular releases and som special. Take a look. Now ONLINE and instore!

G-Shock Alife Tie Up €189 (1899 Sek): Done in colabiration with classic New York sneaker lover brand and store Alife!
G-Shock DGK Tie Up €219 (2199 Sek): Done in collaberation with infamou skate brand Dirty Ghetto Kids!

fredag 18 februari 2011

New Superb Carhartt Jackets in Store!

We just got some very awsome jackets to the store from Detroits finest Carhartt. These jackets are all a must for spring. Pick one and you will not fail these spring. Classic look for the modern man.

Carhartt state coat brown rigid €149 (1499 Sek)

State Coat blue rigid €149 (1499 Sek)

Arctic Coat €149 (1499 Sek)

Terry Jacket black €149 (1499 Sek)

Terry Jacket green €149 (1499 Sek)