torsdag 26 juli 2012

New Black x Super Sundays – The Sundae Tee

Stockholm-based nightclub Super Sundays and streetwear brand New Black have both been around for a little longer than a year. Both instantly successful from the get-go, you've must been sleeping to have missed any of the two. Today the two will drop a collaboration t-shirt in a very limited edition available online here and instore from 12.00 CET!

New Black Super Sundaes Tee 29€ (299Sek)

Make sure to check out Super Sundays at Cafe' Opera next time you are in Stockholom. This is next time with the release party of the tee..

Photo: Richard Ortega
Location: Stockholms Glasshus
Models: Inna, Kathy, Anna, Laila, Wasima & Hind
Thanks to: Stockholms Glasshus, Emely, Marcus, Wasima, Myggan & Tony

Along with the t-shirt Super Sundays also drop's an exclusive mixtape by Tony Zoulias, Taro and Viet-Naam availbale on soundcloud here.

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