onsdag 31 augusti 2011

Outfit of the week Cali OG!

As yoy may have noticed we have already got alot of new goods for fall instore. This weeks outfit represent some classic street wear style. The snapback, parka, camo and Vans style all assambled with som of our awsome fall pieces! Details and pictures follows!

Carhartt Holbrock sweatshirt €75(749 Sek)
Stussy Upland Chino pant €89(899 Sek)

tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Pusha T to Stockholm

We have presale of tickets to Pusha T (Clipse, US) at Cali OG, Brunnsgatan!
Make sure to go, this time att Göta Källare. DJ support by Bruse Leenus, Nasty Nate & Black Moose!!

More info at the FB event here.

torsdag 25 augusti 2011

Super fall update att Cali OG!

We got a mega fall update for you this week. The store is now fully loaded with new stuff from brands like Stussy, Carhartt, Only, Black Scale, Casio and more! Come by this weekend and do your hook-ups for fall. Look at the pictures below for some of the godness!

New Stussy, Mishka and Primitive!
Nice Cheap boots for fall from Wolverine!
New brand for Cali OG Black Scale!

Dimond Supply Snap Backs and t-shirts fall delivery!
P-Rod Nike SB in classic diamond colors!
Classic team colors snapbacks from left side for only €25 (249 Sek) and crews from Only!

Tons of good shirts from 10 Deep, Mishka, Carhartt and more!
New models of Carhartt jeans!
DGK Army jackets and vests!

Akomplice, nice gear and awsome prices. New for Cali OG!
New Snapbacks from Calis own Keith Huf! We got some new fresh tees from huf to!

Back from popular demand once again at Cali OG for the girls. Married to the M.O.B!
Beanies once again from HUF!
P-Rods own Store/Brand Primitive! New styles for fall!
Nice Leathergloves from Carhartt!
Mighty Healthy back for more this fall!

Only New York, awsome caps and tees!

Only New York classic boston bags!

tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Supra News

We got some news from Supra today.

First out is a very limited quick-strike release, the TK mid Society modell is a tribute design to Deion Sanders as he just got his place in the Hall Of Fame! The blue colorway is for his years with Dallas Cowboys and the red one is for his time with San Fransisco 49ers, wich he took the Superbowl with!

NOTE: Interested in this special item? Please contact our customer service at info@caliroots.com and maybe we can help you out...

Then you have the Skytop III. The third generation of the Skytop are a mid cut with some new takes on materials. Great support but breathable, flexibiliy and unmatched board feel.

Find all our Supra Footwear here.

Supra Society Mid QS 139€ (1399 Sek)

Supra Skytop III 159€ (1599 Sek )