tisdag 10 maj 2011

Marvel X Stussy instore!

Kaaaaboom guess who stepped in the room. At last we got streetwear titan Stussys collabo with all your favourite Marvel Heros in store! First up is two prints from The Marvel X Stussy artist series and alot of more prints of your favourite Super Heros! These tees are on a limited run and the first bunch wich buys one gets an even more limited tradeing card pack with the t-shirt. All tees are €49 (450 Sek) and are also avalible ONLINE HERE!

James Jarvis the Collabo Arist!
The Thing X Jamed Jarvis!

Master inker Mr Cartoon did Spidy for Stussy!
Spider Man X Mr Cartoon!

Stussy World Tour print Marvelized!

The Wolverine!

Captain America!

Silver Surfer!

The Punisher!

Super Villian DR Doom!

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