måndag 9 maj 2011

Caliroots X Dickies Work In Stockholm Vernisace Party!

Last Thusday we had a great Vernisace and Party for our photo excibit togheter with classic Work wear brand Dickies! The store was packed to the limit we people and we all really had a blast. The photos are a take on another photo shoot by Dickies called working in LA. Shot by Erik By Erik the photos contains fellow stockholmians that we feel expiering and that do their thing with love and no comprimise! These are the workers of OUR Stockholm.

A big thank you to Dickies, Makers Mark, Stuck Tatoo, Kingsize, Corona, Erik By Erik, all subjects infront of the lens and offcourse everyone that showed up and enjoyed the photos and the party!

Natan working in Stockholm!
Ronnie from stuck worked it live in store!
Al one of the subjects of Eriks camera!
Erik the photgrafer to the right!
Jonathan serving his Makers!

For more pictures go to our facebook here!

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