torsdag 1 april 2010

First The Hudreds Spring Tee delivery!

We just got the first t-shirt delivery of the year from The Hundreds! As always it is a nice mix of classic the hundreds and prints inspired by Bobby and Bens love for pop culture. All T-shirts are €35 (349 Sek) and are avalible instore an online now!

Adam the bomb charcole outline tee!
Lisa Tee inspired of the cult 80s movie wierd science!
Cow tee inspired by old 40s cartoons about drunken cows!
Adam The bomb fuzzy out line tee!
Artifacts tee inspired by all diffrent medias used in pop culture over the years!
Horse Tee inspired by a very famous Luxury brand!
Stained Glass tee. Adam the bomb stained church window style!

Tri Di Tee. Adam the bomb in 3D and this is real 3D, use a pair of 3d glasses and you will se!

Deagel Tee inspired by thge classic Who framed Roger Rabbit movie!

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