onsdag 31 mars 2010

Alpha original army jackets in store!

We have been selling alot of different street wear jackets inspired by the army model M-65 and MA-1 for a long time but now we atlast have the originals in store. Alpha Industries was founded in Knoxville, Texas and has been the official suplier of the US Army since 1959. Aplha has to this date made more than 40 millions jacket for the pilots and ground forces, but have also shipped out alot of jackets to the military fashion hungry people around the globe. Many sub cutures and fashion movments have used these styles, such as the Skins, Punks and The east coast hip hop crowd. Own an original that never goes out of fashion. Online Here or in store now! If you order online make sure to look at the size chart, these are bigger than most jackets in size.

M-65 Field Jacket Navy €149 (1499 Sek)

Inside buttons use if you need to insulate your jacket for colder climate!

Strong army zippers!

M-65 Field Jacket Woodland Camo

Sholder strap to keep your back pack from falling off!

M-65 Field jacket Olive Color

M-65 Field Jacket Black

M-65 Field Jacket Khaki!

MA-1 Flight Jacket Navy €129 (1299 Sek)

Reversible for safty orange color, used when you are missing in action and your pilot friends is looking for you!

If you remove this tag it means you are in war or a training mission!

MA-1 Flight Jacket Olive Color

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