måndag 26 oktober 2009

Beautiful Decay !

Northern Virginia based Beautiful Decay was founded by Amir Fallah back in the mid 90s as a black and white zine about art and grafitti! Now days the ´zine had evolved into a full out book of 164 pages released 3 times a year. Beautiful Decay also has a off spring t-shirt line that they do with friends and family in the art game! We just recives 5 new prints and the latest issue of Beatiful Decay book. For more info in Beatiful Decay go here!

By The artist team Sentimental Soy Cheese!

All Tees 299 Sek (29€) instore or Online!
Masters of Disater design!
Designed by Brooklyn Girl Jessica Hische. The long time working designer who done work for clients such as American Express and The New York Times!
Designed by Pablo Alfieri the native born Argentinan based in Buenos Aires!
Designed by Barcelona raised Alex Trochut, an artist that has a motto that goes more is more and i shines thrue in his art!
The Beautiful Decay Book. Every Cover is hand drawn by Kyle Thomas and each one is diffrent from the other! Book cost 150 sek (15€)!

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