onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Daves Quality Meat straight from New York.

Legendary New Yorks Skater Dave Ortiz brand DQM is back at Caliroots. A nice shipment of t-shirts, caps, shirts and beanies just flew in from New York City and as always Dave delivers! Get this before it is gone at the stoe or online! 

Two-lane Blacktop the classic road movie from 1971 staring James Taylor Drag racing across the USA!
A famous Photo from Wayside USA and yes the signs realy say that!
DQM logo in Dilletente font!

Inspired by Whisky Barrels used to age bourbon in. We like Jack n Coke and so does Dave!

Break all Rules and Laws you can. Be an outlaw like Billy the kid!
Nice Thick high quality Flannel Shirts 1099 Sek (109€)

New Eras all made in Duck Canvas the extremely durabel material that will last forever. Made famous by Carhartt in their classic Pants and Jackets. Price 599 sek (59€)

Black Classic DQM logo Snapback 399 Sek (39€) (We have an orange and one in Duck Hunter Camo instore only come down and have a look)
Beanies 399 sek (39€)

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