måndag 21 september 2009

CTRL in the Cali OG store!

New stock from our northern naighbours CTRL up in soumi in store! T-shirts and cut and sew to perfection. 
All tees 299 Sek (29.9€) Mickey and Minnie hippie style!
Sign ofthe times!
The riddler?
One of the best actors in the world and every womans dream!

Peter Criss and Frankenstein?
Nice reversible scarf! 199 Sek (19.9€)
Luger Button Hood 799 Sek (79.9€)
Radar Zip hood 799 Sek (79.9€)
Diehard button pocket hood 799 Sek (79.9€)
Boogie plaid shirts 499 Sek (49€)

Dilemma button collage 799 Sek (79.9€)

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