tisdag 22 september 2009

New Levis Shirts Stock Up in the OG store!

No questions asked Levis Strauss & CO is the world most famous and best denim maker in the world, and have been so since before your granpa was born! Infact Levis is so famous that people i work with even name their son after the company founders name. They do not only make Jeans tough, they have some good shirts to! we just got a shirt delivery with many different styles and materials. Check it all out underneath! If you feel like spending your dineros online you can also go to the online store here! 

L/S Shirt 1 pocket 599 Sek (59€)

L/S Shirt 2 pocket Flanell 799 Sek (79€)

Classic Shirt 499 Sek (49€)

L/S Shirt Heavy Flannel 999 Sek (99€)

Insulated like a jacket!
New Sawtooth Shirt 699 Sek (69€)

Premium Sawtooth Stich Up Shirt 1099 Sek (109€) 

Alot of nice details!

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