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TagsAndThrows - Bombing With Uzi

TagsAndThrows got the chance to follow legendary Swedish graffiti bomber Uzi out on the streets of Stockholm as he's getting his name up. A unique view into the heart of graffiti - tags and throw-ups. 

We made a short interview with the man behind TagsAndThrows Thomas OKOK Gunnarson about the movie.

How are you and what are you doing?

I'm fine thanks. It's a few days till the release of the movie and the launch of TagsAndThrows.com so I'm pretty stressed. (the interview with TagsAndThrows was made last week) I'm editing short films for Instagram, I'm scheduling posts, I'm hooking up the last details on the site and I'm promoting the release party. It's kinda strange that I do these parties, since I hate being in the middle of it. I can't really sleep at night and I believe that I wont be able to chill until some time around mid next week. 

What's goals are you trying to reach/what's the endgame? 

The core of TagsAndThrows is giving the bombing enthusiasts out there their fix of pictures and film of graffiti bombing. The most beautiful films and photos of the most beautiful tags and throw-ups. I do also want to educated people outside this subculture about why people are out on our streets putting their names up. Also, I love to travel, and by working with this, I get to travel all over the world to meet new people. 

How do you think the art of tagging translates into video. To put something kind of secretive out there and making it available to the public. Putting an illegal action on a public platform etc.

For people that are not bombing like Uzi or any of the other artists I've been documenting, it's an unique chance to get to see how all these tags get painted. I'm trying to catch an as authentic feeling as possible from being out doing what these guys are doing. Graffiti is all about fame. All about getting your name out there and through these movies, some of the most dedicated bombers get the chance to reach even further.

What's the process of maikng a movie?

I contact whoever I want to film. We're linking up. We start off kinda slow to get into the right mode and then we go all out. After that, it's back to the computer and iMovie and later the usual promoting and marketing. 

How much effort do you put into arranging the soundtrack for your videos (credd till smuts etc)

Music is very important to me in these movies. I want the music to be there, but not take over. I want it to lift the movie to a higher level and thanks to Smutskatt I get the chance to use original music. He's a genius and I've been working with him for almost 10 years now. 

How have people responded to your earlier videos.

I got 1.6 million views on YouTube. A lot more than I could ever imagine when I started making these movies. The response is of course both heaven and hell. There's a lot of critics out there, but people are waiting for my movies now. As soon as I release one, my followers start screaming for another one. 

What would you say is the biggest difference between Bombing with Uzi and the previous videos Gunz etc..

I believe that the interview with Uzi is the best one so far. He's opening up to let people know a lot more about him than the others I featured in earlier movies. Also, he's a hardcore bomber. We filmed four nights and got two hours of raw material of straight bombing. Not many other writers can be that effective. At least not in Stockholm. 

Where do you see tags and throw going in the future.

As the new TagsAndThrows.com website is released, there will also be an online webshop up. My followers will be able to purchase hoodies and tees with the tags of the bombers I feature on the site and on Instagram, as well as books and fanzines. In the future, I want to release spray cans and markers and other stuff that graffiti bombers use. I do also want to arrange more graffiti battles and of course, travel the world to document more tags and throw-ups. 

What happened to the brazilian video??

It will get released... soon.


So enjoy TagsAndThrows - Bombing With Uzi

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