onsdag 10 september 2014

Brand profile - Le Fix

Le Fix

Out of love to art, tattoo and clothing, Le-fix was founded by Benny Kusk, Rasmus Jacobsen and Jesper Holm in Copenhagen in 1999. At its core was a group of artists and designers who created a space with creative freedom for its members to unfold their individual and mutual potential. 

Le-fix has gained a unique position as a highly esteemed lifestyle brand with strong roots in Copenhagen and an in-depth international appeal. Never just for profit but always for the love of the game, Le-fix is a unique constellation of vital knowledge in a wide array of experience. 

Located in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, the brand has expanded internationally while keeping an ear to the streets and a heart in the city. Le-fix owns and operates two stores in Copenhagen carrying the Le-fix collections plus a number of the most interesting lifestyle brands in the world. In addition to clothing, Le-fix is also operating two tattoo parlors, an art gallery and a wood workshop.

The many people who make up Le-fix work in separate groups on various projects and draw on each other's experience. The mutual understanding of art, clothing and commerce elevates the common knowledge to form a synthesis of artful expressions that creates a viable business with a keen eye for detail and origin. 

About The collection
Le Fix founder and head of design Benny Kusk, has since an early age been exploring subcultures and underground art forms, which is reflected in the Le Fix collection. The styles are based on traditional tailoring, classic cuts and lines, which once interpreted into the universe of Le Fix, are given a strong urban reference.

The collection does not build on fashion trends but the mood and zeitgeist of the designer. Each garment is made with consciousness, and for the consumer to feel comfortable wearing it. 


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