torsdag 12 december 2013

Stuck Tattoo's Choise - Ronny Hill

Stuck Tattoo studio in Stockholm are our favorite spot to go if you like some ink on you body. So we have not only a great selection hand picked of Ronny Hill but also a deal for you!

Buy something from the selection and get the same amount worth when getting a tattoo at Stuck!

The selection is a great all black and white mix with a gold twist, brands represented are Vans Syndicate, Black Scale, Carhartt and HUF.

Black Scale: Crow 2 Jacket, €220 (2199 Sek)
Black Scale: Destruction Pom Beanie, €40 (399 Sek)
Huf x Thrasher: Plantlife socks, €15 (149 Sek)
Carhartt: Riot Pant, €80 (799 Sek)
Black Scale: Pyramid Ring €80 (799 Sek), Feathet Key Chain €40 (399 Sek)
Vans Syndicate: Sk8-HI Ice-T, €120 (1199 Sek)

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