onsdag 5 juni 2013

Cali OG Gradiation Gift Tips!

It is that time of year when the students in sweden graduate and it is common to bring gifts to their graduation party! We picked out some good ones from our Cali OG store!W
 StussyWild Life Camp Cap: €29 (299 Sek)
9-Five Modelo Shades €99 (999 Sek)
Selection of Socks €10-15 (99-149 sek)
Diamond UN-Polo Clamp Belt: €39 (399 Sek)
Carhartt Essentiale Bag Small €35 (349 Sek)

Casio G-Shock 30 aniversery Version €350 (3499 Sek)
Diamond Life Cruiser €140 (1399 Sek)
Skull Candy Aviator Phones €159 (1599 Sek)

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