måndag 11 februari 2013

Nike SB Black History Pack drops instore Thursday!

To celebrate black history month in th USA. Nikes sb-team will release 3 limted shoes that drops instore only. Nike asked three african american skateboarders to make their mark on three classic models. The skaters choosen for this project was McRac Chuck Treese, Theotis Beasley and Ishod Wair! The models picked where the Dunk Hi SB, Dunk SB and Bruin SB. The shoes packs alot of nice details such as African heritage colorways. The 84 on Chucks Dunk Hi is the year he droped his first album, since he is also a rockstar! We will drop these models at 11.00 instore only. Price TBA. Line up to get yours. 
Dunk SB High Mc Rad Chuck Treese!

Dunk SB Theotis Beasley!

Bruin SB Ishod Wair!

All pictures copyright Dunkbar.de

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