torsdag 24 januari 2013

Berlin BBB & Bright Spring 2013

Travelling time for Caliroots buying team this time of the year. Last week we made the streets of Berlin. The Bread & Butter and Bright Show are the place to go for our Cali OG store and we found some good stuff, old and new friends on the way.

 Here are a mix of day and night pics!

Early bird to Berlin

Fist day at BBB:

Black Scale fall 2013

SSUR Fall 2013

Say Hi to the Miskha skate boy

WeSC fall 2013

Mishka BoomBox



WeSC x DFTS speakers

Hot Dogs at WeSC - #korvlover

Cazal - Vintage 

Crooks & Castles in the year of the Snake

Pony from NYC are back

Thaaa Bears

New Era x Cherry Coke (or your soda pop favorite)

Bjarnie Boy @ New Balance 

New Iphone "must have" stuff

BBC fall 2013

Nike SB x Supreme (yes the are all gone)

After the Show it's Party time

Night time at "House or Vans" was one of the place to check out of coruse!

Caliroots and Vans got togther for a drink

Caliroots Ante and Greg from Miskha 

Johan from Puma and the SNS drinking team

Day 2 at the Bright Show

Big Foot made a FTC painting

Looky Looky sping/summer 2013

Looky Looky Crew

And last night we had dinner at the best Pizza place with the Highsnob team!

Thanks Berlin for this time, next time it will be in the summer, can't wait!

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