tisdag 23 oktober 2012

The Hundreds fall #2 Stockholm lookbook with Badou Jack

We met up with our frends Badou Jack aka The Ripper last week.  Babou is probable the hardes working fighter out there and long time streetwear addict. Erik By Erik did a great photo shoot and we also did a short little intervjuv with him to carry the story. 


Tell us a something about yourself, what do you do and where are you from?

 - I'm a young and hungry fighter with a strong mind and big dreams. I'm born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. But are now training and living in sin city Las Vegas. I'm on a journey to become a world champion in boxing and make my people's proud.

 The largest challange for you as a boxer to move from Stockholm to Las Vegas?
 - The biggest difference on moving from Stockholm to Vegas is the boxing atmosphere and the love for the sport over there.

Your next goal in boxing and your life time goal?

 - My next goal is to take one fight at the time and win and look spectacular when I do it. Lifetime goal is to of course become a champion and make a lot of money on it so I can help family.

What's your releationship with streetwear?

 -  I love streetwear and Caliroots is my favorite store and I'm glad to have them as a sponsor.

More about Badou Jack - The Ripper here.

Thanks Babou, and good luck in the future!!

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