torsdag 10 maj 2012

A Selection of New Snapbacks in store!

We just got shipments from the three premium companys in the snapback game. Here is a selection of what we have in store from New era, Mitchell & Ness and Starter! You will find university teams, flips on classic team colors and a dedication to the birth of hip hop.
Mitchel & Ness University team snapbacks! at €29 (299 Sek)
Georgetown Hoyas!
Syracuse University!
Miami University!
Boston College!
University of North Carolina!
New Era Snapitback series snapbacka at €39 (399 Sek)

Starter Sedgwick & Cedar series! at €35 (349 Sek). Sedgwick & Cedar is the place in New York City where the first hiphop jams took place in 1973 and is considerd the birth place of hiphop!

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