onsdag 18 januari 2012

This Weeks Update Cali OG!

New spring stuff is starting and we have cleaned up the shop for the many arrivals on it´s way. This week we got a big delivery of Vans with over 25 new styles to choose from. Otherwise we are fully stocked with new fresh gear from brands, such as Diamond, Anything, SSUR and many others. we also still have a little sales corner for the ones with a light wallet after all christmas shopping! Take a look at the pictures!

Benny G and fresh Vans!
Lots of Frogskins and that 2pac styled gear for all the Gs!
aNYthing and WU!
Diamond suply Co!
SSUR take on old New York gang graphics!
BBC and more Vans!
Great Pro Sport jackets from Majestic!
Our selection of snapbacks is Epic, This is some of them!
Sale still on!
Tons of great Vans!

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