tisdag 24 januari 2012

3 Days in Berlin

Is was time to get a grip on this and next season so our buying division hit fashion capital Berlin for some trade shows, dinners, store checks and partys. This is the report in pictures for you all!

New Era exhibition at the show, this is our own Ronny Hill, Stuck Tattoo´s pice! 

With love to our All Out Dubstep crew!

Clarks Desert Trek 40 years, expect good stuff.

More colors from Levi´s Made & Crafted

Sebago fall line

LVC fall 2012 

Levi´s Made & Crafted

Clarks x RMFB

Vans make the Pro Classic better and better!

News flash: Nike SB Pushead. Release fall 2012.

Urskog made it to Berlin.

Looky Looky Crew, Berlin party crew!

Need a new lether iPhone case? Stay online for release date.

Diggin for new shoes from Diamond Sypply Co.

New Balance color splash with a back pack hook!

Civilist soon in our store as well.

And yes always some party at night, this is the Vans OTW party with Lupe Fiasco and Mos Def!

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