fredag 23 december 2011

Cali xmas party at Obaren x TnT x Kingsize Release!!

After a year of work we got the Cali Staff & some friends together for a Xmas party at Obaren. On stage and dj´s was Shitxfaced Crew, IRK (All Out Dubstep), Poppa Peez, Bjarni Boy and Näääk&Nimo killin it. The release of the new Kingsize Magazine! Then the outstanding TnT residents took over - Taro & Tony Z. So it was a night to remember, or if you don´t remember here are a flash back!!

Special thanks to Lorre at Obaren for having us and all friends who come by PARTY!!
Thanks for us, we take a short break, see you on monday!!

///Cali Crew

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