torsdag 24 november 2011

Top 12 Christmas Gifts - Cali Store

It is that time of year again. Time to run around like headless chickens in the snow looking for gifts for your friends, family and lovers. To make thing a little bit easier for you all, i have picked out my 12 top gift tips from the Cali OG store that i am the manager of. My picks a heavliy rooted in classic street wear, somthing i have been wearing since the late 80s and still cheerish to this day. This is my mix of picks and they are all great gifts , no one will be dissapointed.

Magnus - Store Manager Cali OG store

I like Edwins E-71 model because they sits perfect on me, with its slimmer and narrow fit. This version also comes with nice details such as selvage and a nice raw finish!
I love military and camo gear and 10 deeps hit the spot with this shirt in the old school US camoflage pattern. Nice details and a super fit. This is a perfect gift for the street ear guy out there!
The album will probably never drop, but the phones have. I choosed these because it has the slickest design and best sound of all Beats By Dre phones. All black all classic. The perfect xmas gift for someone who needs nothing but the best in style and sound.
All men should have a nice varsity jacket in the closet. This classy one from Diamond in soft wool and smoth leather is spot on for the colder days ahead. 
You will want to give your loved ones these for christmas, because it is one of Vans best models ever and it comes with fleece lining so you do not need to freeze at winter.
A nice flannel always warms christmas up. One of my favourite brands ever Anything, made this nice in red and black plaid. I just had to pick it for my list!

When Timberland team up with Swedish workwear company Dunderdon, you know you have a hit for the cold Swedish winters. I like Timberlands Chuckka model because it is very dressy alternative at the same as it is constructed for hard use.
Carhartts Squire Coat is like a vintage treated padded version of the classic core jacket. This is one of my favourite styles of all time and the used look makes it even more desireble. This jacket will never go out of style and will be a gift thats last for decades!
It is Wu-Tang, Camo and a 5 panel. What more needs to be said. It is a must have, if you knowed me, you know all three things represent my style and music taste. 

I have been wearing this classic beanie every winter from the early 90s and still will this winter. If i was forced to wear only one beanie my whole life it will be the Carhartt Watch hat!

My friends over at the infamous Shitxfaced crew designed this togther with New Yorks finest Good Wood. If you like to drink and swag like the best. Get this as a xmas gift for yourself!
I grew up on the Rocky movies and when the classic californian brand Undefeated did a collection with prints inspired by these movies i just have to like it. Clubber lang aka Mr T is rockys coolest opponent by far. This tee in sporty heather grey is a real knockout. 

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