onsdag 16 november 2011

Good Wood Cali x Shitxfaced Necklace

New collabo with our Stockholm crew Shitxfaced! Connecting the dots between our Cali Helsinki store fam and our Cali Stockholm fam, aka "Scandinavian Drinking Buddies".

Good Wood Cali x Shitxfaced Necklace 39€ (399Sek)

Release date 2011-11-18 at 17.00 (Lokal time Stockholm and in Helsinki so you can be 1 hour ahead if you make the pick up at the Cali Helsinki Store)

Necklace : 80cm
Pendant : 10 * 8,5 * 0,5 cm
Made in USA
Cali Hki
Cali 08
Ltd to 50 Pcs.
(10 in Sthlm,
10 in Helsinki,
30 on the webb)

Check out the release party here.

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