onsdag 9 november 2011

Beats by dr. dre: Full linup instore!

Our Cali OG store is now loaded to the max with all Beats by Dre products. Along with all regular models some of the news are P-diddys own in ear phones and the special limited Detox edition of the beats pro headphone. We even got a listening station where you can hear the awsome HD sound these products deliver. Come down to the store to experience the best of the best. For more pictures and tech info on these bad boys or if you want to but the online. Visit our online store HERE!

Beats pro €399 (3999 Sek)
Beats Pro Detox Edt €399 (3999 Sek). We still are waiting for the album Dre!
Beats Studio €299 (2999 Sek)
Beats Solo €199-209 (1999-2099 Sek)
Diddy beats €149 (1499 Sek)

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