torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Cali OG Weekend update!

Most of you people out there just gotr their paycheck nin the mail. Maybe it is time to switch your wadrobe for the cold season. We got everything you need. Warm, jackets, beanies, thick knits and tons of more. Come by the store and have a look!

Carhartt Heritage canvas camo pants. 
Rocksmith new Wu-tang collection!

Now we also stock the down jackets from the classic Penfield!

Tons of snapbacks!
Dickies awsome pieces to an awsome price!
Winter Supras!

This Carhartt jacket got that classic look but is padded for winter to stand against the cold. 
The North Face so many good jackets it is hard to choose!

Still got this favourite in store. Wemoto at its finest!

Now in white and with a microphone !

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