tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Cali OG beanie selection!

At Cali OG we now have a huge selections of beanies to protect you against the cold. We picked out a selection for you of some of favourites. But there are many more in stock instore or online click here for a full selection on Caliroots.com!

Undefeted five strikes beanie €29 (299 Sek)
Mishka Keep watch New Era beanie €39 (399 Sek)
Undefeated Alpine Cuff beanie €35 (349Sek)
Mtichel & Ness Celtics pom beanie €29 (299 Sek)
The Hundreds Team beanie €35 (349Sek)
Stussy Troops Beanie €39 (399Sek)
Huf Drink Up Fold beanie €35 (349Sek)
Carhartt Watch Hat €18 (179 Sek)
Diamond beanie €39 (399 Sek)

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