onsdag 20 april 2011

Nike Sportswear "American Made" x Cali Spring Party

Last weekend we held the Nike "American Made Spring Party" at secret location in Stockholm.
This party was actually a prize from Nike to us(Cali) for our contribution to the American Made campaign earlier this year.

So first and foremost a big thank you goes out to Nike Sportswear, that did this for us!
Also to thank is every other partners involved that really helped out to create this springs best party;
-Makers Mark, Heineken, AWB and all extra staff.

The set up for the party was to have a special vibe, therefore the dress code was "Black Tie & Sneakers", and many street peeps, really dressed up to imprress!
Location was a 2 floor Penthouse in the old town of the Stockholm city, with an amazing sea view.

First floor had our local friends and family DJ-ing all night: Name in Lights, CocoTaxi and ShitxFaced.

Second floor had the Parra Soundsystem(Parra, Mr Wix & BenG)kicking off the party off in true style
Then there was some surprise live acts by Adam Tensta crew and the legends PeeWee & Rusiak.
To top things of, we hade NewYork DJ Lord Finesse flewn in, to take the party back to the old skool!!

So again, hope that you who made it to the party had as much fun as we did.
Attached is some of our pictures from the night.

/Cali Crew.

All photos by: Arslan Golić

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