onsdag 1 december 2010

Winter Outfit Cali OG

The winter is definantly hitting Stockholm city like a punch in the face!
Lots of snow and like -15°C this morning..
Not so nice if you aren't dressed right.
So we put together a winter outfit for all you that´s freezing as much as we do.

Primitive Binky Patch Beanie €25 / 249:- Online soon.
Alpha Industries Inc N3B Jacket €199 / 1999:-
Stussy Surplus Full Zip Sweater €109 / 1099:-
The Hundreds Big Blue Flannel €79 / 799:- Online soon.
Carhartt Klondike Pant Phoenix €65 / 749:-
Timberland 6 inch Premium Boot €159 / 1599:-

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