lördag 18 september 2010

Carhartt - Fire

Our friend Iron African came by the shop this week to get some new pictures for his upcoming album later this fall. The images also show Cali Skate Store and autumn collektion of Carhartt classics in a good way. Listen to the song Fire by Iron African.

More about Iron African:
Iron African is a Ugandan born rapper and producer living in Stockholm, Sweden. His music is heavily influenced by the american east coast were he spent a lot of time during the "golden era" of Hip Hop.
His third album My Own Little War will be released this fall of 2010. Iron Africans music style has always been east coast undergound with heavy hardcore beats. With influences like Dj Premier and Rick Ruben Iron produces his own music and has done very few collaborations.
Iron African talks about his new album
I call the album My Own Little War because i feel like I've been in my own little world doing just that. Fighting my own little war. Life can be tough on you some times but not everybody can relate so you have to do what you do best.
Fight. The music sounds like the 70's on steroids in some instances. I fused a lot of punk rock and phycadelic rock over tough drumbeats. Its really up to the listener to judge but ive been told the sound has got a lot energy. I would like to think skaters will bump this album because a little while back i took out my deck started pushin again, nothin fancy, just a little olly here, a little slide there. I was listenin to my stuff while cruisin and realised i felt pretty nice skating to it. So i played the album for a couple of skater friends and they felt the same way.
Hope we're right.

Listen to Iron Africans music on www.myspace.com/theironafrican or visit his blog http://www.trumotive.com/
Iron is also part of http://www.hottestineurope.com/ a new platform for European Hip Hop artist who perform in the english language

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