fredag 29 januari 2010

Eastpak debutes att Cali OG!

A first timer in the Cali OG store. Eastpack is here, the classic bag company from the US. Eastpack started to do bags for the US army in the 60s and has since then been the NO1 source for good priced durable bags. Their slogan built to last fits the product well and to prove it they will even give a 30 year warranty. In store as we speak! Alöso more paks online here!

Padded Pak, the classic 24 litre backpack seen on every writer and skater in the 90s and still today! €49 (499Sek)

Reboot 13 litre €39(399Sek)
Hooper 10,5 litre €55 (549Sek)
Reporter Large 16 litre €55 (549Sek)

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