måndag 16 november 2009

SALE on assorted Carhartt jackets and Edwin Shirts & Jeans!

Right now we have a big discount on some Active jackets from Carhartt and jeans & shirts from Edwin! These are all in in store som come on down to us for some quality stuff for bargin prices!

Ed47 Hagi Wash 799 Sek (79€) Used to be 1399 Sek (139€)

Edwin Win B.T 799 Sek (79€) used to be 1299 Sek (129€)

All edwin Shirts 479 Sek (47€) Used to be 799 Sek (79€)

All These Carhartt Active jackets 999 Sek (99€) used to be 1799 Sek (179€)

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