fredag 8 maj 2015

Weekend update week 19 - 2015

Week 19

The summer is finally within reach and the OG Store is filled with great news from Palace, HUF, Street Hippies, Stussy, Diamond Supply Co, The Hundreds and Nike SB. 

The Pit is filled to the brim with new styles from Vans, Vans Syndicate, Vans California, Van Doren and Vans Pro Skate.

Opening hours for the weekend are as follow:

Friday: 11:00 to 18:30
Saturday: 12:00 to 17:00

This past week has been dominated by British grime and mellow Swedish pop music.

Our Nike SB selection is growing fast and especially the Janoski model is dropping i new great colorways and materials every week. 

We also received a much needed restock of Jason Markk products including the popular Repel spray.

New to the store is New York based jewelry brand El Senor that makes great pieces based on skateboarding culture. 

A fully stocked store is ready for your a bit to loaded wallet at Brunnsgatan 9

We still got the G-Shock from the HUF x Casio collb that was released last weekend at the store. As well as a wide selection of other Huf products. 

The Converse Cons are available in a few sizes in White and Palace Skateboards new drop is moving fast. 

The Pit is updated and Vans has delivered a great selection of nicely patterned shoes for the summer. 

Last but not least we would like to introduce our new bench that we just got from Nike SB last week, it's skateable and a perfect place to just chill. 

// Cali OG Staff

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