torsdag 12 september 2013


The limited edition The Hundreds X The Shadow Conspiracy collection encompasses a custom designed 20” Shadow BMX bike, an accompanying 13-piece bicycle Shadow multi tool, a vintage-inspired BMX jersey, and a dual-branded graphic tee and snapback paying homage to this long-anticipated collaboration that’s been a decade in the works.

The capsule is a meld of classic and contemporary BMX culture, as well as hot rod culture, with high-end craftsmanship engineered every step of the way.

 “We all wanted to do a project that was more than just some decals placed on a stock BMX bike. This is why we choose to create a custom made Shadow frame that is limited to just this project and will never be produced again. We choose to do a 20″ BMX bike rather than a 24″ or 26″ as this represents true BMX, and we didn’t want this project to be a toy. This bike can be taken out of the box and is ready to shred by a top rider or a causal fan, but it’s for sure a real machine for BMX. This is an important point as this shows the craftsmanship, love and attention to detail put into this project.”
 -Ron Bonner

The capsule collection will be released real soon at  - stay tuned for more info..


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