tisdag 17 april 2012

Vans Syndicate Dill and Van Engelen Pack!

The Much sought after Vans Syndicate drop with Alien Workshop skaters Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen is at last on its way to our store. Syndicate is Vans most limited line and uses all premium materials and design. New York legend Dill and Cali born Van Engelen helped Vans with the design on these beautys. There is a clear animal print theme on the shoes. Jason Dill went for the snake and Anthony for the Leopard.

The Models used for this colabo are the Authentic Pro, AV SK8 Low and the Old Skool 92 Pro. They will be instore and online this week. Keep your eyes on our facebook page for the latest info!

Authentic Pro (Jason Dill)

AV SK8 Low

Old Skool 92 Pro (Anthony Van Engelen)

Pictures Copyright Daily Street, Movies Copyright Alien Workshop!

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