onsdag 18 april 2012

New Black - "As Seen On TV"

This is the NEW BLACK line. It will release in the CALI OG Store with a big party this week -  check flyer and make sure to "osa" it you like to come.

OSA here!

Runnin Tee / Crew
Neither the EP or the track "100 Miles and Runnin" by the NWA is among their better releases. However, in our opinion, it is one hella good title. The world's most dangerous group were talking about running from the police but we wanted to give a twist to the meaning and gave it a track n field touch instead.

Little Tee
Back in 1997 rapper duo Capone n Noreaga gave us the war report and let us know who was getting the bloody money. Years later in the city of Baltimore a fictional outlaw gave bloody money a new face.

Teddy Sun Tee / Crew
Teddy Sun came to life through a group of friends fascination of preppy fashion. The Suntanas crew based in Stockholm wanted a new mascot available for everyone that shared their interest in clothes and sneakers. We sat down with the Suntanas and this is the result of our collaboration with the guys.

Cookie Tee
Whether you're the Cookie Monster or not you probably don't like people taking what's yours. Out of Ice T's and Jay Z's 99 problems this might have been the biggest of them all.

2012 Team Tee
New Black is the name of the label and twelve is the last two digits of the year. There's nothing more to it really. New Black is the new black.

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