torsdag 15 december 2011

New Era: Introducing instore display and gallery exhibition!

This year New Era sent out blank 59Fifty caps to a choosen crowd of artists around the world. Using these caps as a blank canvas, they then made their artistic mark on them! New Era then put the artwork online and the public choosed theri favourite ones. These caps then went on tour around the world and tonight it is time for Stockholm. We celebrate this initiative with our own store display. The real exhibition begins tonite at gallery So Stockholm in Kungsträdgården!

New Era Introducing exhibition!
So Gallery
16-17 December
Kungsträdgården: Jussi Björlings Allé 5

The poster on the winning masterpiece!
We have a own little show in store. This Cap done by our friend Aiwa KH crew!
ShitXfaced pays tribute to Norwigians from helvetet!
Come in store and make your own mark on this cap.
Dog Ears for winter!
NFL from New Era, exlusive for Cali at this moment!

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